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Learn the Craft of Storytelling for ages 13-Adult!


This course and workbook is currently in its "testing phase" and is only available through

Karen Deming's in-person classroom.

If you would like more information, you may be notified as soon as it becomes available to the public by clicking the button below:


 - Have you ever wanted to learn how to write a story?

 - Have you tried to study the craft on your own, only to become frustrated with the overwhelming amount of information about every aspect of writing?


 - Would you simply like to have someone just give you the foundations of story structure to get you headed in the right direction? 

 - Are you a visual learner, learn best by audio and visual, or learn best by reading and writing?


If you answered "Yes!" to any of the above statements, then you will LOVE my 20-lesson course on Storytelling!

How this course is designed:

In this course, I have created a simpler way of understanding story structure basics and character development by using the visual concept of house construction.  Each lesson has been created from my own experiences and understandings through several years attending professional classes, seminars, and writing conferences.


So - in theory - I have been developing this class for over 10 years now. These lessons are my personal “take-aways” from what I have learned through my professional experience of writing and selling books.


Because I am a visual learner, I have included as many visuals as I can to help explain each lesson for you to enjoy learning the craft of writing. 


     In this "Learn at your own pace" course, you will learn:

         - Multiple ways to brainstorm ideas
         - How to take a 'spark' of an idea and develop it further
         - How to craft well-rounded characters
         - How to develop a basic plot, character arcs, emotional arcs, and               theme 
         - How to create conflict that drives the story forward

         - Each Lesson includes an exercise (homework assignment) to
           help solidify each lesson and hone your craft of writing.

If you're thinking:

"This sounds like a great course for me or my child!"

     - Then ...

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Thank you for your excitement with this course. We will let you know as soon as it becomes available!

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