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Online Storytelling Course & Workbook
Learn How to Write Stories through visual concepts

Created by Karen Deming


A fully illustrated workbook is offered along side a step-by-step online course. 


This program was designed to teach the craft of storytelling by utilizing the 4 main methods of learning (audio, visual, written, and hands-on creating your own stories).

In this course, Karen breaks down all the elements of what makes up a story into visual ideas of house construction for easy understanding. 

This simple, yet comprehensive class on storytelling  has been developed for ages ranging from 12 to adult.  If you are a visual-learner, or a kinesthetic learner  -- this course has been designed for you!  

Click on the book to learn more.


Join Author and Illustrator, Karen Deming, along with her daughter, Ellie, as they dive into today's children's literature.

The duo discuss books, interview authors, and even share writing and illustration tips on how viewers can get started creating their own books.


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