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Episode 1:
Princess to the Rescue | Released September 2017

10 minutes

Join Karen Deming and her daughter, Ellie, as they explore the book 'Princess to the Rescue.' They also take a trip to Barnes & Noble to meet Author Carol Caldwell and learn about what inspired her to write this old-world tale.

Be sure to stay tuned for Karen and Ellie's tips on how YOU can get started on your OWN stories!

Episode 2:
Sierra Becomes a Search Dog | October 2017

8:42 minutes

"Ruger... SEARCH!" Author Robert D. Calkins and his Search and Rescue dog run into the woods to locate Karen Deming in this episode of 'Kay & Ell Book Review'!

That's right!  We not only meet the Author, we also meet one of his dogs and learn what it takes to train a very nose-talented K9.  Karen and Ellie give their opinions about the book: 'Sierra Becomes a Search Dog' and share more tips on how YOU can get started on your OWN books.

Episode 3:

A Special Holiday Episode!

Zuzu's Petals, A Dream of It's a Wonderful Life
December Special 2017

15:19 minutes

Join us for an intimate talk with Karolyn Zuzu Grimes, the little girl who played the role of Zuzu in "It's a Wonderful Life."

Co-author and Illustrator, Karen Deming also shares how a book goes from idea to a published work.

Episode 4:
Coming Soon!
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