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We would love to see what you created after watching one of our episodes!

We'll share your drawing or story on our Facebook page or you may even be featured on one of our episodes!

We accept JPG, TIF, PDF, DOC and MOV video clips

Submit your Book for Review

Authors, Illustrators, and Publishers:

Currently, there are no fees to submit your book to Kay & Ell Book Review.  This could change after Year One (Sept 2017 - June 2018)

To submit your book to appear on Kay & Ell Book Review, please include the following in an email:

1. Title of Book, Author, Illustrator, Publisher

2. Description of Book's story.  Please include characters, storyline, and the message your book conveys.

3. If your book is available through libraries or bookstores, please let us know where we can find it.

4. If your book is only available online - please mention this along with a link to your book for viewing.  If we are interested in reviewing your book, we will email you back with more instructions.

5. Please let us know if you are open to an interview.  Interviews will be discussed further once we select your book for review.

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